Terms and Condition

Dear customers and business partners.
Below you will find our terms and conditions. Conditions governing our business relations. We tried to write them in a very clear and simple way, without unnecessary flosses and lawyer like terms.

We make relatively ordinary things like mugs, glass, enamel mugs -nice and really interesting things. Absolutely original pieces. This is fun. We strongly believe that both, customer and supplier has the same wish – to get the business done fast, in a good quality, let’s say smoothly
To make it happen it is important to on a few basic rules.

Let’s go through the business case from A to Z. This is the best explanation.

Your request

We are and will always be very happy about it, especially if you come back regularly.

We accept inquiries in all possible ways. By completing the inquiry form on our website, by e-mail, phone etc.

We will appreciate if you provide us as much information as possible.

  • What kind of product from our portfolio are we going to decorate
  • How many pieces it will be
  • Define colors ideally in the PANTONE standard, but we can handle the input in CMYK or RGB. But if you tell us “well it should be kind of pink”, then it’s hard to hit.
  • Send us your graphics or your logo in curves (vector graphics) in .ai, .cdr, eps format we will be very happy.
  • Don’t forget to let us know how do you wish us to pack your order.
  • Optimal delivery date.
  • Whether you want us to make a sample or whether just graphical visualization is fine for you.

By all this you speed up the process.

Our offer

We will start working on our offer as soon as possible. We will do our best to make you happy. We will offer you exactly what you want. We are also able to offer alternatives to create truly original products. We are also able to offer compromise solutions to fit in a tight budget, yet not compromise on a good result.

Sample production

It all starts with digital visualization. You have two visualizations free of charge. It is quite common that the first idea/request leads to some better ones. However, we have also experienced situations when our designer sent the sixth proposal, and had very little confidence that it is going to be the last one. So, two visualizations are free and all the following will be 40 EUR each.

We recommend to all our customers to produce a sample. Its approved version will serve as a model for “mass” production. The sample will also serve as a reference piece for evaluating the delivered goods.

Production of the physical sample is approved by the customer after approval of the graphic design, resp. vizualization.

Some customers do not require a physical sample, they somehow believe that we can do it super cool without it. It’s not a problem, but it may happen that the computer’s visualization will just look a little bit different from the real sample. Don’t forget that each monitor represents colors bit differently unless it is calibrated one. So these differences are in the game.

Price for physical sample.

For the production of physical sample, we charge 80 EUR, but… if you place an order for min 150 pieces, you will not pay anything. In case you approve digital visualization, we make a sample and then you change your mind dramatically, like choosing another mug, glass, etc., you change color, size or location of the logo, we have to look at such a situation that we started working on a new order and we will charge you the first sample.

Speculative sampling

It is the production of samples without a binding order. We charge 130 EUR for such a sample. However if you place an order for a product to be produced according to the speculative sample we, and you do it within two months of its production, the price of the sample will be deducted from the final invoice.


Hooray, we have an approved visualization or even a sample and we have received an order from you. We don’t insist on big formalities. You don’t have to confirm the order on our forms, even though it is possible. All we need is an explicit written statement that you are ordering it based on our offer No. XYZ. All we need is just an email.


We make all our best to deliver what you ordered and on the date we promised.

As far as production is concerned, we need to clarify what we do and how we actually do it. All what we produce is handmade. Even the simplest order goes through ten pairs of hands before something what worth of talking about is created. Mugs or glass coloring is applied by hand spraying, print decals are applied by hand, engraving is done by hand, etc. In short, products can carry minor cosmetic defects due to their nature of the materials used and their manual treatments. We provide  2 years warranty on a product itself.

We provide the following guarantees for decorations:

  • Coloring (Hydroglaze)
    The most common surface treatment of our products. Hydroglaze is an organic based substance polymers, which contains no metals and is absolutely harmless to health. It’s water thinned and applied to products by spraying or brushing. Fires at temperatures around 180 degrees Celsius. Products equipped with hydroglaze can be washed in the dishwasher, tolerates acidic and alkaline environment. Hydroglaze is not completely mechanically resistant and therefore not suitable to gastro operations. Mechanical stress such as friction on metal or use of abrasive washing funds will damage it, therefore we do not provide guarantees for hydroglaze.
  • Printing
    Printing is done by high-firing and low-firing method, depending on technological possibilities and other decorations applied on the mug, glass etc.
    High-fired printing: made on white porcelain at temperatures around 900 degrees. C, this guarantees strong mechanical resistance so it is suitable for gastro operations like restaurants, hotels etc. The disadvantage of this way of printing is limited color range and it is not possible to print on accurate Pantone color. On this type of printing we provide a lifetime warranty.
    Low-fired printing: made on colored porcelain at temperatures around 200 °C. This printing method enable us to match any shade of Pantone color, at the same time it is possible to apply glossy and matt colors. This technology is not completely mechanically resistant, it is not suitable for gastronomic operations and the warranty conditions apply the same as hydroglaze.


Engraving can be applied to white porcelain, colored porcelain and glass. Engraved logo or design is absolutely resistant, it is harmless, suitable for gastronomic operations and we provide a lifetime warranty for such a decoration.


We do everything we can to supply our customers with products that meet their expectations so they return to us with confidence. As mentioned above, it is necessary to take into account the material nature of the products that we supply and their handmade decorations. Products can carry small cosmetic defects. By confirming the order, the customer accepts our terms and conditions.

Products may be slightly different from the approved sample, for example, in color shade, location

logos, graphics, etc. Mechanical damage of the hydroglaze cannot be the subject of a complaint if it was not caused by Inappropriate packaging on our side.

We treat all complaints individually in a way to achieve customers satisfaction and and to achieve win-win situation.

If you are not satisfied with our work, please let us know immediately. Take a picture of the defect, send it to us by email or send a sample.


When we offer something, our offer is valid exclusively for a specific demand, resp. specific customer.

  • All prices are without VAT.
  • Prices do not include transportation costs.
  • Terms of delivery: EXW CZ – Dubí (Teplice)
  • Shipping is always calculated individually based on number of pieces and packaging.

Payment Terms

  • 100% before production.
  • 50% after the physical sample or graphic design has been approved, rest of 50% before the goods are dispatched.
  • Invoices for our business partners (agencies) are due in 14 days.

Delivery terms

  • Date of making the graphic preview: approx. 2 days (depending on the complexity of the graphic.
  • Physical sample production: about 10 days after approval and confirmation of visualization. (depends on type or a combination of decorations).
  • Delivery time: 2-4 weeks from sample approval or visualization, if physical sample is not required.